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Typing Out the Word “”


I am a frum woman, and I work for a Police Department. I am putting together a substance abuse resource packet that is delivered by Police officers to goyish (mostly, I’m assuming) parolees. One of the resources is titled Youth for “” and has such words in the description. Am I allowed to type out that word and the like (please see below, where all of my parentheses are), or should I rather give the document to the Commander and have him fill in the blanks?

IX. Youth for C(—)
7670 S. Vaughn Ct, Englewood, CO 80112
(303) 843-0370

Reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to develop lifelong followers of J(—) who lead by their Godly lifestyle, devotion to prayer and to the Word of God, passion for sharing the love of C(–) and commitment to social involvement.


My apologies that it took so long to get back to you, but I had to look into your question.

The torah tells us, “V’shem Elohim Acheirim lo yishama al picha” (Shemos 23-13) that we are not to mention the name of foreign gods. The poskim say that the prohibition is only on the name of the avoda zara that was given as a title of prestige, but not the actual name of the person, since it wasn’t given to him as a name of importance. Therefore the name J is permitted to say, because it was his name and not a title.  However there are those that say that it still should not be said, therefore it should preferably be avoided. The word C however may not be said because it is a name of honor.

There is however a different problem that you might not have realized; the description that you wrote about the Youth group is in a way, an advertisement for people to join a church, and it persuade them to join an avoda zara, and beautifies it. This is something we may not do.




Name J Hagahos Maimoni Avoda Zara-5, Y:D 167-2, Gra ibid -3. Olas Yitzchok 2-159,  Sefer Chasidim brought in Darcei Teshuva Y:D 147-7, Erech Hashulchan Y:D 147-1 n the name of R’ E. of Metz.

Regarding writing- Shagas Aryeh 13, Aruch Laner Sanhedrin 64a D:H Markulos says that writing is permitted. However Minchas Chinuch 86 is unclear if it is also in included in the prohibition. Beis Yitzchok Y:D1-152 CHECK UP also see mishne Halachos 9-159, Chavas Yair 1 hasagos 11,12.

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