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Birthday Aliya


Can one receive a aliya for his Jewish Birthday or a aliya is ‘exclusive’ for Bar Mitzvahs, Chassanim, Yahrzeit etc.

Basically am I entitled to ask a gabbai to have an aliya because it’s my birthday.


A person’s birthday is a happy day for him, as t is the day that H-shem gave him life. The Chida (Chomas Onach on Iyov-3 in the name of the mikubalim) writes that it is a day that the persons mazal is strong, You may ask the gabbai for an aliya on your birthday and if he gives it to you, you can be very happy about, however you have no claim to demand an aliya, and if there are other people that have a claim to an aliya, such as described in the Biur Halacha Siman 136. The reason for this is because a birthday is not mentioned in the list of people that have a preference to receive an aliya.


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