Is it geneivas daas to cheat on any test? Do any of the following reasons apply: a) if it is no way at all related to the topic I am majoring in, so who am I misleading about my credentials, b) it is known that everyone cheats on online examinations, c) it will lead to significant bitul torah? Note: I am not discussing cheating on a topic which will be your profession, in which case you are misleading clients etc.— it is about someone who needs a degree in order to be an accountant cheating on an earth science test, for example. Additional note: There is no concern of him getting caught, so there is no concern of chillul Hashem. Please address all of these possible reasons.


It is genivas daas to cheat on a test and it should not be done. There are two types of genivas daas, one that fools the other person when there is a monetary ramification, such as getting a diploma falsely when you don’t know the material, and customers are going to hire you when you aren’t qualified. A lower level, but still considered genivas daas is when you fool someone else without a taking money from them. In our case, you are faking the mark to give a good impression and fooling the school into give you a diploma, when it isn’t deserved, and. I would not say that they know that everyone is cheating and they allow it.  Bitul torah is not a heter to do any issur.

Aside from this there is another issue of lying at the end of the online test and writing that you didn’t cheat.


CH:M 248-6, Igros Moshe CH:M 2-30, Mishneh Halachos 7-275, Kuntris Onnas Devorim Ugvievas Daas 21, Lreiacha Komoicha Gneivas Daas 3-75.

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2 Responses to “Cheating on a test”

  1. What is the source that geneivas daas is assur (besides it being sheker, which may be allowed l’toeles) even if it does not affect money (geneivas daas b’mamon) or obtaining a favor [he will be toreiach for me) (geneivas daas b’dvarim)?

    • You are getting the diploma from him because of the genivas daas. That is not less than a favor.

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