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Sales of sefarim left behind in a yeshiva


Someone was at a sale that a yeshiva made for sefarim left around yeshiva which were unclaimed. The yeshiva could not attempt to return the sefarim even with names in them because of the shere volume, so they publicized that any sefarim left around past this date will become yeshiva’s property. Someone bought a sefer at the sale only to later discover that the sefer belonged to a gemach. Can he keep it? the sefer did not belong to the one who “lost” it and did not claim it, so can the “loser” indeed forfit the gemach’s ownership of it? What should he do now?


Answer by Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a.

He should tell the yeshiva and get his money back from them and return the sefer to the gemach since they can”t sell the gemach’s sefer.

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