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Mikvah for baal tokeah


Is a bal tokeah required to go to the mikvah? I am being treated for a heel injury and it is hand wrapped by the doctor once a week on Monday. It helps ease some of the pain when walking and standing. If it gets wet, I need to remove it and I would be unable to wrap it again.

My question is, should I remove the wrap endure additional pain so that I can enter the mikvah or not?

Thank you


I assume that you are asking about the tevilah that the baal tokeah does before mussaf. It is not a required, but it is definite preference. Going to the mikvah before Rosh Hashana would suffice.  If you have gone to the mikvah in previous years, it would be a preference to be matir neder.


Mateh Eprayim 585-1

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