I know I cannot recite the 13 Attributes without a minyan and that would include Shma Koleinu, potions in Arameic and pizmonim?
Can I recite portions of Selichot in English? If I can recite the portions in Arameich without minyan, could I recite them in English?
Thank you

Shana Tova Umetuka;


It only includes the 13 attributes, those verses that mention the 13 attributes, and those small parts that are in Aramaic. It does not include Shema Koleinu or the other pizmonim. You can say the pizmonim in English if the Hebrew is too hard for you. Regarding saying the parts in Aramaic in English, it is controversial, but if you want you may.


M:B 581-4. Poskim

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