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How many days do I have to wait – niddah


Thanks for this great forum.
My question is how many days do I have to wait if I saw a mareh tamey. I am seven plus weeks postpartum and have not yet gone to the mikvah. I noticed what I would call a mareh tamey in middle of counting the 7 clean days last week.
Would it be 7 or 5+7
and why please

Thank you


You only have to wait 5+7 if you are tahor, but in your case that you saw when you weren’t therefore you only have to wait until you can make a clean hefsek, and then continue with the regular process from there of counting seven clean days. There is one difference though, that although there are times that one may be lenient about the moch after the hefsek, if it is the actual day that you started bleeding or the day that you first saw the mareh tameh, then you have to make sure to do the moch


Y:D 196-2,11

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