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Toothpaste needs a hechsher


Does toothpaste need a hechsher? Please explain the reason.


The issue with using toothpaste is that it contains glycerin which is a smooth, sweet tasting ingredient which is used in the toothpaste to prevent the solid and liquid components of the paste from separating. Glycerin can be made out of synthetic or natural ingredients, and the natural ingredients can contain animal and vegetable fat or oils. If it contains animal ingredients they will be non- kosher.

There are a number of factors to permit the use of toothpaste even if it contains animal glycerin; the fact that toothpaste isn’t edible, and the fact that it isn’t being eaten, but rather only tasted. R’ Yaakov Kaminetsky zt”l (Emes L’yackov ftnt 40), said that even if the glycerin is only bolit b’rov it is also permitted since the main ingredient is not edible, since the main ingredient is calcium carbonate( chalk), which isn’t edible. There are rabbomin and kashrus professionals that say that nowadays calcium carbonate generally is not really used, and the most common abrasive today is hydrated silica, which is edible, therefore R’ Yaakov reasoning won’t apply nowadays with many toothpastes. Nevertheless the other reasons still apply, that it isn’t edible and it is only being tasted and then it is spit out. Therefore m’iker hadin according to most poskim it would not need a hechsher, however if one can get one with a hechsher it would be better, especially when the toothpaste is flavored.

As a side point there are numerous toothpastes, that (as of Pesach 5777) do not contain animal glycerin and surely have no problem, such as, Aim, Aqua Fresh, Adwe, Arm and Hammer, Crest, Orajel, Pepsodent, Synsodene, and others. (See R’ Blumenkrantz’s Pesach guide pg. 280). Colgate however may have animal ingredients.



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  1. Thanks so much for your thorough and informative answer. Much appreciated,

    One follow-up question: What about mouthwash? Does it need a hechsher? Please explain.

    1. Mouthwash would be similar to toothpaste, and there are poskim who say that it doesn’t need a hechsher. However R’ Y. Belski zt”l held that mouthwash is worse than toothpaste because toothpaste is essentially being used to clean the teeth, and it’s taste is only a side addition. Mouthwash on the other hand is used to freshen up the persons mouth largely because of its taste, and the person is using it for it’s taste which can be trief, therefore he holds that it must have a hechshser.

  2. What about topical gel that they use by the Dentist to prevent pain during a cleaning? I understand that this is not being swallowed but there are times while they are doing the cleaning water could build up and you are forced to swallow (even if they use a vaccum!)

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