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Man going to Female Psychologist, or vise versa.


Kavod HaRav

Is it a problem for a frum man to go a female psychologist (clinical) ?


It is not advisable at all for a male to go to a female psychologist for two reasons. The first one is a serious yichud issue, this is because the two of you will be secluded and usually no one even knows about the appointment and everything is kept very discreet. There is also no fear that someone will “walk in” on you, as the secretary ( if there is one at all) knows not to disturb in middle of a session. In addition being that usually it will be a series of sessions, etc. and with time the relationship can also become libo gas bo, which will make it more difficult, and the heter of a door that is open to the street or even baala bair will not permit such a yichud situation.  The second issue is that even if you manage somehow to get around the yichud issue, the nature of such a therapy session is to talk very personal things which can evoke strong feelings, which can lead to serious tznius issues, (and enough times that serious things happened…). It definitely should not be done without speaking to a rov about the specifics of the situation and getting a clear heter.


Mishneh Halachos 14-110,


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  1. What would be an eitzah how to get out of the prohibition of yichud in this type of therapist circumstance? In some cases a couple may be advised to see a female therapist (because it will be more comfortable for his wife) and some of the sessions will be done with just the husband and the therapist. Let’s say the therapist is older (she’s a grandmother and you are a newly married chosson) so the “tzniyus” issue of developing closeness is not as much of a concern and they were advised to see specificaly this therapist. Now the main issue is yichud. Please advise…

    1. Each situation has to be judged for itself. IF it can be arranged that someone be able to just “walk in” unannounced, that would be best. If not a Rov should be consulted for each situation.

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