Dear Rav,
What is the makor that if a nochri enters the sukkah the ushpizin run away and does this apply even to goyim who are shomrei sheva mitzvos bnei noach (or other nochrim today)?


There are people that are makpid on this. The mekor of this is from the Sifsei Cohen on chumash, parshas Emor pg. 174, since he succah is the “Tzela Dmhemnusa” and a nochri doesn’t have emuna. Also see Kaf Hachaim 639-6, However if not letting the nochri into the succah it will cause ill feelings it is permitted. See Melochim Umanayich pg. 345, Rivivos Efrayim 7-179. See Avnei Derech (Prince) 8 pg. 316.

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6 Responses to “Nochri in Sukkah”

  1. What if he is the janitor (in a yeshiva) or the waiter?

    • It is an inyan, but it isn’t meakev, otherwise it wouldn’t be permitted because of ill feelings.

      • So there would be an “inyan” to have a Jewish janitor for Sukkos?

        • Or the inyan would be to have the janitor come in after everyone eats. But on the other hand there is also the factor of not eating in the succah when there are dirty plates etc.

  2. Follow up: If that’s the case then it shouldn’t have to do with nochri vs. yisroel but rather maamin vs. apikores. So, a nochri who’s a maamin should be allowed to enter and a Jewish apikores should be assur?

    • I was wondering about this point. It could be that a yid is always considered a maamin, as yidden are considered maaminim bnei maaminim, and deep down he does have emunah. See sefer Ohr Shivas Hayomim pg. 101 that talks about this.

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