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Rules:Of Checking in the all foods department.


My question states simply as the following:
I’ve been in the process of preparing all the essentials in keeping kosher.One of my major difficulty is – How to check each fruit, eggs, vegetables, meats and even including fresh leafy herbs? How does the whole assembly work.Plus their are so many different types of foods out in the world – So each needs a special individual checking rule? And if yes, then what may be some useful tips in memorizing all the checking rules in everything before you take action in consuming.

Thank You!


It is not as bad and difficult as it seems. For example there is no need to check eggs and meats, chicken etc., only things that have known infestation. You could use the site for guidance regarding how to check each item. It won’t take al that long to learn the various methods. Alternatively you could visit the star-k for their methods at

Note: The site uses the rulings of the world famous expert on these halachos R- Moshe Vaye, the star-k’s list is going according to other rulings.


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