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IF I have a pergola (which we use for sulkily) with a bamboo roof, which the Halacha is to raise it 25 cm up and bring it back down AFTER doing the walls but I did the opposite (before)
What do I do
Please reply ASAP


The issue here is that we have to put the schach on the sukkah when there are already walls; otherwise it is considered “ta’aseh ’lo min hasuiy”. The Rema says that if there was a tefach worth of walls (horizontally) around the length of the schach before the schach was put on them it suffices to be considered as if there was a “wall” there. Therefore if the wood beams of the pergola, (the horizontal beams supporting the bamboo roof) are 8 (or preferably 9.6) cm. below the bamboo roof, then it is considered as if there was already a wall there and you don’t have to do it again. Just to be clear, let’s say that the horizontal beams that the bamboo is resting on are 10 cm. thick and the bamboo is on top of these beams, and there are such beams that extend for two plus of the walls then it is fine and you don’t have to do anything.

If however the bamboo rests inside the beams, so that there isn’t a tefach of “wall” below the schach then you will have to re-raise the bamboo again after the walls are in place.

Have a Chag Kosher Vsameach.


Rema OC:CH 635 M:B 11.

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