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Kashering newly bought items:


My question that leaves me in wonder refers to kashering. When new dishes and kitchen utensils are bought from a non Jewish store, is it then an obligated must for the items to be dunked into the Mikvah for the purpose of purification?

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You are right. The Torah tells us after the war with Midyan and the Jews captured all of their possessions, G-d told Moses that the vessels that were captured had to be purified before they could be used.  The Torah says ( Numbers 31-23) “However the gold, silver, copper, steel, tin, or lead, anything that came in contact with fire, and it should be purified”, that the vessels of a gentiles that now came into the possession of a Jew need to be purified, and  immersed in a mikvah. The Talmud explains the reason for this mitzvah is just like when a person becomes a ger and elevates himself to the status of a Jew he undergoes a purification process of going to the mikvah, so too the vessels now went from  being a gentiles to being a Jews also need this purification process. Note; This only apples to utensils made of metal or glass, but not the utensils made of wood, pottery, or other materials.



See Bais Yosef Yorah Deah 120 in the name of the Talmud Yerushalmi.

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