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Do conjugal obligations exempt over from sleeping in Sukkah?


If one’s wife will not sleep in Sukkah out of preference (ie even though it’s sufficiently private), is he exempted from sleeping in Sukkah on nights when he fulfills his conjugal obligations?


Yes. He is not obligated to then go to the succah afterwards because it is a tircha.


M:B 639-18

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  1. 1) Does it make a difference if there is an “obligation” to be together? What if it is not a leil tevilla, but he wants to be together with his wife? What if she wants to be with him? Is there a difference?

    2) According to the sevara of “tircha,” perhaps it should make no difference since they start with a heter indoors (and they are not planning on going to sleep) and after they are done he will have a heter of “tircha”?

    1. True. It doesn’t depend on obigation but on tircha.

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