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Bugs in Rasins


What if any can they do to you ! Chaplain’s Office


From a physical sense I understand your question, because we don’t know of any negative physical ramifications. However from a religious and spiritual perspective, we Jews are commanded by G-d in His holy torah not to eat bugs, (see Leviticus chapter 11). Although they may not do anything harmful to your body they will cause harm to your soul. The same way that eating food that has bacteria and germs will hurt the person eating it, even though they don’t see anything wrong with the food… it looks delicious, it is the same with our spiritual health. The creator of our souls told us that it is detrimental to eat rodents and bugs; He understands our bodies and souls the best, because He created them, and He understands the detrimental ramifications. No one would take a blood transfusion if the head doctor told them that the blood is contaminated, so too we don’t eat bugs because the one who knows best told us that it is tainted.


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