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Hatzola Shabbos


A cry goes up in the Ladies gallery in Shul on Shabbos HATZOLA
Does one call Hatzola immediately or does one first check that it is a genuine call?
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Happy Yomtov


The rule is that whenever we have a situation that there may be a danger to someone’s life and time is crucial, even if it is only possible that his life is in danger we do whatever we can to save him. A person that screams Hatzola means to say that someone either fainted or got hurt very badly and needs urgent care ASAP (otherwise they wouldn’t scream it out in shul). Even if it turns out that the person was not in a life threatening situation, you did not do an aveiro, because this is what you were supposed to do in this situation. Therefore you may call without checking it out first, unless they specific situation is one that you know it isn’t life threatening.  


O:CH 328-1

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