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Are their any special tefilas to help us to get pregnant.


My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years. We have been trying to have children now since my blood sugar is controlled being a type 1 diabetic. Are their any tefilah and or tehilim that can help us conceive a child. Please keep us in your davening our Hebrew name are chava rochel bat Tamar and dovid yehuda Ben chana. Thank you and chag samech


Waiting to have children is terribly difficult and trying. The best teffilos are the teffilos that come from your heart, in your own words, talk to H-shem. Avrohom did it, Yitzchok, and Rivka and Chana also, and the same way He helped them IY”H He will also help you that you should have healthy children soon. Your davening doesn’t have to specifically be when you are davening shemona esrei or when you have a tehillim in front of you. You can daven to H-shem at any time, while in the kitchen, doing laundry, shopping etc. whenever you want He is there to listen to you.

Also going to tzaddikim and talmidei chachamim that they should give you a bracha and daven for you. This includes going to kivrei tzaddikim and davening there.

There is a tefilah brought in some Tehillims from the sefer Shaarei Dimah that is uaually titled “Tefilah L’hipoked b’ibonim”, which starts offf Yehei Ratzon … tzor haolamim…. Also tehillim perek 102&103 shouold be said.

May HKB”H hyelp you together with all of those that need a yeshua and you should be zoche to have many healthy children, and you should be zoche to have doros yishorim u’mvorochim.


Yalkut Shimoni Rus 606, Yerushalmi Taanis Perek 2 -2, Shir Hashirim Rabba 1-31 story with R’ SHimon Bar Yochai.

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    1. Correct. It is a segulah to have children.

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