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Daled Minim


I used someones daled minim on the first day of Sukkos through matana al minas l`hachzir.
When I gave it back to him, I said “al minas l`hachzir” and handed the daled minim back to him.
When I said those words I meant that I was fulfilling my obligation of returning it to him, but I was wondering if because I said those words which on the surface means that I was not fully returning it to him (rather, that I’m giving them back to him on condition that he gives it back to Me), whether or not I was yotza the Mitzvah. Thanks


I don’t think it is a problem, because you know what you meant, and the person you gave it back to also understood what you said as telling him that you are now fulfilling your obligation to give it back to him.


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