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Making an audio from a recently published book to send out


I have a group of friends and we want to learn through a page or 2 of the same sefer every day. I want to know if I can read out the pages we are going through and send out the audio to my group of friends via whats app. I know that if the book was something like the mishna brura it wouldn’t be a problem. The book we want to learn together however is a recently published English sefer. I have tried to get permission but am not getting a response from the author or publishers. Is there a halachic problem in making this daily audio and sending it out to my friends?


You should make it clear on the audio that you are reading from the English sefer, and it is not for selling etc. and then it is permitted.


There is controversy if one may copy another person’s book for private use. In this case it is even better than that because it isn’t being copied in the form that the book is being sold, as the original is visual and this is audio, and the person is not selling audio copies of his book. Nevertheless it is correct to mention that the ideas are being taken from the book.

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