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Is an oral agreement permitted to be broken without renegotiating it first?


At the time I was hired, my employer agreed to give me a set percentage raise each year. the first 3 years he gave it to me. After that he just ignored it. After a few years when asked. His answer was that according to NYS Labor Law, if there is no written agreement, it is considered Employment-at-will and he has the right to change his mind whenever he wants.

Is this permitted according to הלכה? Isn’t this in violation of לא יחל דברו?


Answer from Horav Y. Flieshman shlit”a.

The employer is required to keep what he said when he hired you. It isn’t לא יחל because it isn’t a neder unless you are poor but the reason is because secherus poalim is effective al pi debur-if you want to read more see for example Pischei Choshen –Hilchos Secherus beginning of Perek 8


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