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A women that makes extra wool


Cariflication for #44531-The gemara kesubos 66a debates a case where a women makes extra wool that she is required from the rabbis can she keep the wool or must she give it to her husband. However (based on my assumption that her husband provides her with the materials to make the wool) shouldn’t it be obvious the husband should keep the excess wool sicne it was made from his materials. (Can we possibley suggest that when the talmud speaks about Maaseh yadayim in regard to wool it is speaking in context of someone who wroks for a wool company.)


My understanding of the gemorah that you are quoting in Kesobos 66a is discussing the general idea of who owns the extra earnings that a wife makes, but not regarding the specific instance where she is working specifically with wool.  In any case, I do understand the point you are making, that if it is the husband’s wool, he owns it, (but he might have to compensate her for the work).


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