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Specifying a bit on transformation- from secular to a more observant Jew:


If a person was once a secular jew, and then became a more Observant Jew in all the terms of the religious path, then are those clothing once worn allowed to be worn again within your new religious lifestyle? What I mean is not that they are not צניעות but rather meaning: clothing that was used in the previous secular lifestyle – when it was worn in times of consuming non kosher foods. What is needed to be done? Is laundry simply fine? Or thrown out – Since their isn’t much of a solution at all.



It is very nice that you are enthusiastic embrace a torah lifestyle. May H-shem send you much success and you should have a life full of meaning, understand, and purpose. Regarding your question from a halachic standpoint, you don’t have to throw out any of the clothes that were used when you consumed non kosher etc., as long as the clothes are tznius. If you feel that you want to separate yourself from your previous lifestyle, then by all means either wash or replace your old clothes, if you can afford it.


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