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Guard opening electronic door on Shabbos


Unfortunately, due to security reasons my building has removed the key for the entrance to the building. Now they have a camera system that sees you and the guard buzzes you in. The guard pressing the button causes the lock latch to be released.
1. Can I even walk up to the camera?
2. The guards said that for Shabbos when they see me they will buzz me in, is this a issue of amira lenochri and since its specifically done for me that is a issue? They can technically go in the building and open up the door from the inside, does this help it make it make it lechatchila mutar?

Thank you very much.


From your question I am not sure where the guard is situated, and how he know to let you in. If he sees you with his eyes and he buzzes you in, that would be alright, because since he can get up and open the lock manually, then the actual buzzing you in, is being done for his convenience, and permitted. However if the guard needs the camera in order to see you, then your walking up to the camera, and having the camera take a picture of you is something that you want, and that would not be permitted on shabbos. 

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  1. One last matter, if this makes a difference.
    It is the guards job to buzz everyone in and they are not doing a special favor for me. They have removed all means of entering and only via being buzzed in can someone go through the door.

    1. It is true that they are doing it because this is the job they are paid to do, and now they are opening the door for you. However as previousely stated since they can open the door for you manually and they choose to do it electronically, that is thier own doing.

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