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Black stripes on tzitzis/ talis


They sell wool tzitzis with black stripes on them. Most taleisim also have these black stripes. What is their significance? Why are they only on wool tzitzis and not on cotton? Is it okay l’chatchila to get wool tzitzis without the stripes (or with white stripes) so that black will not be visible through my white shirt? Please explain the whole idea of the “stripes.” Thanks so much to this incredible website!


The reason why the Ashkenazi have black stripes in the tallis is an inyan to be as a remembrance to the techeiles. The Sefardim don’t have this minhag, and they specifically (for kabalah reasons) want that the tallis should be all white. If someone specifically doesn’t want to have tzitzis that have the black lines they don’t have to wear them. I don’t know why the companies don’t do it for cotton tzitzis


Pri Megadim Eishel Avrohom 9-6, See Rambam Hilchos Tzitzis 2-2 that the blood of the chilazon is black, and after it is processed it comes out blue. Birkei Yosef Shiurei Bracha 9-1,2, in the name of the Maharshal. Aruch Hashulchan 9-24, 26,

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