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Is not wearing tzitzis out a bizayon to the mitzva?


When Mishna Berura (siman 8) says that those who tuck their tzitzis in their pants are being “mevazeh” the miztva, what does he mean? Please explain Mishna Berura’s intention. That seems like a very strong wording…


Don’t really understand your question, because the Mishna Berura (8- 26) explains himself very clearly right afterwards. He says (with a little additions of my own) that when we wear tzitzis it is a special present that has the name of H-shem on it (which is not our topic now), and it represents the mitzvos, and is a reminder of the Kisei Hakavod, and instead of being proud of the special emblem and badge of the king, we are hiding it because we are embarrassed of the king emblem. This is embarrassing the mitzvah, and the special gift that the king of kings gave us!   

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  1. See Teshuvos Yaveyeshev Moshe (Siman 3, pg. 66) [Rav Yakov Hillel] in which he proves that the MB refers to it as a bizayon because he sticks it in his pants (perhaps in the place of his ervah without undergarments), not because he hides it. Mishna Berura Oz VeHadar also learns along these lines, see there.

    See also Az Nidbiru (3:46) and Daas Noteh (teshuva 200) who discuss peshat in MB as well.

    My question is what you think is peshat in MB, given that there is another way to learn (like Yayeyshev Moshe ibid.)…

    Please respond. Thanks so much!!!

    1. I don’t understand why you would need MY opinion if you already have the various opinions of the gedolim?
      Daas Noteh 2-167 and Oz Nidberu 3-43 learn as I wrote. The reason is because the Mishnah Berurah writes about the present from the king. It also seems from the Aruch Hashulchan 8-11 that he learns because of both reasons. R’ Yackov Hillel shlit”a also agrees that hiding the tzitzis is not respectful, although he says that the word “mevazeh” is refering to putting them inside ones trousers. Personally, when I learned the Mishna Berurah
      I understood what he says that if he embarrassed from the goyim, that he can put his tzitzis into his “kanaf”, I understood it that he can still put his tzitzis out but after they are taken out they can go into his pocket, and this way they are not so noticeable, but they are still sticking out. However obviousely Horav Y. Hillel is not learning it this way. Besides the M:B uses the word “kanaf” and not “kis”.

      For the future it would be very helpful if you would let me know what you really mean to ask, so I can understand where you are coming from.

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