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Invest in non kosher business


My non jewish cousin had a great idea for business, he’s italian and has an american wife. He wants to open some kind of fast food in USA with particular italian specialties. Though I’m interested in investing in his business I’m worried about the fact that some of these italian recipes include foods with non kosher meat and cheese… I know that a jew cannot benefit from this in any way and this halakhah is deoraita!
So… I’m not the cook, I’m not preparing the food nor sell it, but still it’s forbidden food. Am I allowed to invest and earn from this?


You are very correct, even though you are not actually preparing the food, you can not invest in such a business. The prohibition is to do business with the non kosher food, even if you don’t ouch or even see the food. As a side point it is controversial if this halacha is d’orayso or d’rabonon, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter and it isn’t permitted.


See Bach Y:D 117 D:H Ze Haklal, Shulchan Aruch Y:D 117-1.  Kuntris M’bais Levi Yoreh Deah pg. 130.

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