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Is it allowed to take percentage off money raised for an organization?


I am arranging a raffle online, which the profits will go to a tzedakka organization.
My question is: Am I allowed to take money from the profits? If yes, up to how much percent? And is there a difference between a Jewish or non-Jewish?


You are allowed to take money from the profits for your expenses etc., and payment for your work, it will depend on what the understanding was before you started. A person collecting for someone else is allowed to take a percentage from the money that he collects. The amount though isn’t clear, but it definitely has to be less than half. If the institution is non Jewish, which may not be considered tzedakah, the amount would surely not be less than this, but if it is more or not I don’t know.


Tzedakah Umishpat 7- 23 ftnt. 4 & 43.

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