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Bracha on candy


If I washed for a sandwich and at the end of the meal before I say Birkas Hamazon I want to eat a piece of jellyfish candy and want to drink a glass of water for digestion. Do I need to say shehakol on the jellyfish candy or is it just a dessert and maybe I do not need to do so? I heard that hamotzei covers everything. Please excuse me, I am not fully knowledgeable with all of the details when to say a bracha.


Hamotzei covers all of the food that is considered foods that would accompany the bread. Desert on the other hand, is not eaten with the bread of the meal and therefore the hamotzei does not include it, therefore most deserts do need its own bracha, (with the exception of most mezonos, that we don’t make a bracha on them). The water also does not need its own bracha, as it is considered part of the meal.


O:CH 177-1 M:B 4.

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