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Lashon horah about a public speaker


I find that many questions about lashon horah come up when discussing a shiur or lecture.
1) May one say that a certain speaker is “too dramatic”?
2) “He did not make such good points”? “He did not connect so well”? “He was boring”?
3) “After you hear five of his lectures you have heard most of what he has to say”?
4) “He is not such a talmid chacham, but he makes good points”?
5) “He says lots of jokes, but does not have much content”?
These are all common examples of the type of things people may say… Please answer the specific examples I gave. Much appreciation.


In a nutshell, when you give a lecture, would you want someone to say that about your lecture? Obviously not – because they are all derogatory statements, and an embarrassment to the person and to his reputation, therefore they are all included in Loshon Hora, and being mevazeh a talmid chacham. This answer goes for each of the examples that you gave. To be honest I don’t really understand why you think it wouldn’t be lashon hora.

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