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Life expectancies


Dear Rabbi,

I am curious if you have information about the life expectancies of Jewish people who remain kosher and use the mikveh through life.

I have thought for a while that the life expectancy of this group is increased because of a purity and a more holy safe mind.

I read that in Israel the life expectancy for a man is 81 and for a woman is 84 however I assume this means for the full population. It is also in America for all people I believe the life expectancy of a man is 77 years old and the woman perhaps 81.

Do you have any information? I am curious because I am often in discussion with many who do not keep kosher or use mikvah and I feel that is in extreme issue they should be aware.

Many thanks.


Unfortunately I don’t have any hard data on the comparison of life expectancy between those who keep taharas hamishpacha, (the laws of nida and mikvah) versus those who don’t, however here is a lot of information on the health benefits of keeping the laws of family purity.

Nowadays more and more doctors are recommending the couple keep the laws of family purity for health reasons. For example Dr. Kornfield said at the World Health Congress in London that he recommends that all of mankind should keep the laws of Jewish family purity.  Dr. Eli Shusheim (Graduate of University of Buenos Aires 1963, General Surgeon and Head of Maaneh Simcha Hospital) that the laws of family purity happen to be exactly what is healthy for a woman’s body. During the time of her flow the blood vessels in the area are open, and the vagina is sore. The cervix is also slightly open, to allow blood the escape, which can allow bacteria and diseases to be absorbed during relations. Besides that, the vagina has a low ph factor, which serves as a disinfectant in the vagina, to help prevent bacteria from getting to the uterus, and when she has her period it rises and won’t have that effect. Even after the actual flow has stopped, it takes about a week for the uterus to rebuild its mucous lining, which helps prevent infection. Then precisely at the time that the woman goes to the mikvah is when she usually ovulates. Now it is no wonder why until recently cervical cancer was virtually non-existent among Jews (who keep the laws of family purity).

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