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Mikveh after hysterectomy


I asked (no.289) about mikveh after hysterectomy and you said there’s no need but what if I was a niddah before hysterectomy what do I do now? Do I have to do bedikos before mikveh? Thanks


If you were a nida before you had the operation, then you do have to go to the mikvah, because a woman cannot become tahor unless she goes through  the tahara and mikvah process. Therefore you would have to go to the mikvah, however regarding bedikos, you should just make a hefsek tahara, and then count seven days and then you can go to the mikvah. There is no need for you to do the bedikos of the seven days because the hysterectomy caused that we know that you will not have menstrual bleeding now. Since you were a nidah before the operation, you should do all the normal preparations and be tovel in the mikvah with a bracha.

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  1. Presumably all this is true if the entire uterus was removed, presumably this needs to be clarified.

    1. Correct, and if there is doubt that it was all remov ed then in all cases she should make a hefsek, count and go to the mikvah. But if she was not a nida beforehand and she is going only because of a safek she would not make a bracha when going to the mikva.

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