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Birchas Krias Sh’ma – After Sh’mona Esrei


If one comes late to Marriv and skips Birchas Krias Sh’ma in order to daven Tefilla B’tzibur, does one immediately go back to Birchas Krias Sh’ma upon completing Sh’mona Esrei or does one say Aleinu (or if Motzai Shabbos, “V’hei Noam” ) with the tzibur?
Regarding the former, in either outcome, Is one allowed to be mafsik between Shmona Esrei and Birchas Krias Sh’ma?
What would be the din on the night of Purim and one skipped BK’S to daven with the tzibur and wants to hear megilla after Sh’mona Esrei?
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  1. A person that comes late to maariv and does not have enough time daven birkas kiryas shema and still daven with the tzibbur, he is allowed to daven shemona esrei first, and then say the birkas kriyas shema. This is because tfila btzibur is more important than smichas geula l’tfilah by maariv, therefore he should daven with the minyan and then say the rest. It is preferable, but not mandatory to finish the davening adjacent to the shemona esrei. R’ S. Z. says that if the chazzan (or the person that missed borchu) is going to say borchu, then one should not say aleinu after that borchu, but should say the birkas kriyas shema adjacent to that borchu, before saying aleinu.. The reason for this is because right after we say borchu, which means we will bless H-shem, we should sat the bracha right after it.
  2. Regarding Vhei Noam, it is an interesting question, on one hand there is the point of saying “kidusha dsidra” with a tzibbur, but n the other hand it is preferable not to be mafsik. I heard an interesting hacra’ah from some poskim, that if he is going to say it together with the tzibbur, then he should say it after shemona esrei together with everyone. However if he finishes shemona esrei after they already said it, then it is better to day it after finishing birkas kriyas shema, because then it is more within the order of the davening.
  3. One is allowed, but preferable shouldn’t be mafsik between the shmona esrei.
  4. On Purim night he should hear the Megillah first and then finish davening, since it is a mitzvah to hear the Megillah with a tzibbur right at the beginning of the night.


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