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Please answer as soon as possible-I live in Israel


I am almost 4 months postpartum and haven’t had my period since before I got pregnant.
This morning I saw blood mixed with discharge altogether bigger than a gris on my underwear. I don’t know exactly how hargasha is defined, but definitely felt an external wetness (I thought it was just discharge, then saw it was mixed with blood)
My question is to my status as of now. Am I considered a nidda or is it considered a stain?
Please tell me how to proceed.

Thank you,


First of all Mazal Tov on your new(ish) baby. You should have a lot of nachas from him/her.

Hargasha is not defined as external wetness, but as a feeling inside yourself. Therefore we will look at this as a stain. Since you say that it is bigger than a gris, it will depend first of all what color underwear it was on, if it is colored than it is not a problem, (unless thestain is very large) however if it was on white underwear then it should be shown to a Rov to determine if it is problematic or not.  


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  1. Thank you for the quick response,
    It is approximately the size of 2 shekels.
    Is that considered a very large stain?


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