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Does Das Yehudis Apply to Pants


It seems that the issue of a woman wearing pants is a heated one and there are varying opinions as to why it is a problem. Assuming that Beged Ish is not a problem (pants that are specifically made for women) and assuming that they are objectively tzanua (baggy etc), is there still a problem regarding Dat Yehudit?

Most mainstream orthodox people I know don’t wear pants. Is there a large enough faction of religious, Halacha conscientious, Jewish women who wear pants? If yes, can one say that it is common enough in the religious Jewish world to wear pants and therefore Dat Yehudit no longer applies in this case?


It is difficult for me to answer your question because I am missing information. From your question I understand that there are poskim that are of the opinion that halacha contentious women may wear pants. Personally I am not aware of any orthodox authority, that is accepted among the mainstream orthodox community, that permits women to wear pants. In fact I don’t really know many women that are careful about halacha and do only what the halachic authorities approve of, that do wear such pants. Therefore since the minhag seems to remain intact it would seem that it would still be das yehudis.


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