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Kashrus status of dairy bowl into which hot fleishig soup was poured and eaten


What is the status of a milchig bowl into which fleishig soup was poured and eaten with a fleishig spoon?


If the soup was poured on to it directly from the pot, it will need to be kashered. You have two options, either by pouring boiling water from a hot pot over it. Heat up a pot or electric urn of water, and pour the boiling water over it. The flow of water coming from the pot etc. should be “lo nifak hakiluach” meaning that the flow from the pot until the bowl should be a continuous flow of water, extending from the pot until the bowl, without a break in the flow. The flow of water should hit all parts of the bowl, and not get wet from splashes of the hot water. Then wash the bowl off in cold water.

A different option is by placing into a hot pot (kli rishon) while the pot is hot. The pot does not have to be bubbling, as long as the water in the pot is hot. This is since we only need to get to the intensity of iruy kli rishon. Even if the soup was poured into the bowl with a ladle,  it should still be kashered, as if it was from kli rishon.  .


O:CH 451-5, M:B 41, Sefer Hagolas Keilin 10-23 based on Pri Megadin O:CH 451 M:Z 9. If the soup was poured from a ladle, even though there are different opinions regarding its status, if it is considered a kli rishon or kli sheini, many poskim are machmir to consider it a kli rishon, this is what should be done l’chatchila.


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