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Separate trivets for milchigs and fleishigs


I got these trivets (which are used to put hot pots or serving dishes on a table/ counter) from the previous tenants in my appartments who may have used them them for both milchigs and fleishigs interchangeably. Can I “assume” that it is fine (if they were shomer torah) or do they need to be kashered? If they need to be kashered how could I kasher them?


I don’t really understand your question, because if the person is a shomer mitzvos and he told you that it is let say fleishig, then we believe him because “aiyd echad neeman bisurin”.

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  1. He did not tell me anything (or I forgot). What should I do now? Also, maybe the tenant before him wasn’t careful with it… do I need to ask him if he took that into consideration (maybe he never kashered it)?

    1. Ayd echad.. and achzukei isurah lo makzikinan, why should I say that a frum person was using something trief until now?

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