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Disposal of messianic prayerbook


What is the proper way to dispose of a messianic Jews for jesus prayerbook with G-d’s name throughout?


Even though it has G-d’s name in it, but since it is meant to be a book which contains heretical content, the proper way to dispose of it is by burning it.


Igros Moshe Y:D 1- 172, 2-137, Mishnah Halachos 2-215( second edition),  Avnei Yoshpe 1-204, Divrei Chaim 2-60.

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    1. You can rip it up if you want, but the main thing is that it get burned afterwards in order that it should be totally destroyed and there should be no remnant of it left over. This I heard from R’ Feinhandler shlit”a author of Ginzei Hakodesh.

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