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Lashon Horah by posting a video


1) If one posts a video of someone else acting inappropriately, is that lashon horah? He isn’t “saying” anything?
2) If someone is acting inappropriately and one tells others to come over and see it (live), is that lashon horah?
3) Is there a heter to post a video of frum Jews making a chillul Hashem for the purpose of “news” or “public interest”?


The Chofetz Chaim says that loshon Hora is not only when it is done with words, but any way that communicates negative information about someone else, therefore this would be included.

  1. The answer to this would be the same as the last question.
  2. I don’t understand why “news” or “public interest” is a heter to talk loshon hora. Besides if someone is publicizing a chillul H-shem, that in itself is a chillul H-shem.


Chofetz Chaim 1-8 Be’er Mayim Chaim 13-14.

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