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Meat and dairy


I have a set of about 12 china mugs that are used for meat. One of them was used for hot dairy accidentally. I put it aside but then someone else mixed it back in to the set. What is the status of the set?


Since they are now mixed together and there are more of the kosher ones than the one that is problematic, we say that it is botil and you may use all of the cups. It is not considered a chaticha hariuya l’hiskabed, or a choshiv item since the issur part is only a little bit of absorbed taste inside the cup, which by now is no longer a ben yomo.


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  1. why is this not a davar sheyesh lo matirin? (yoreh deah 102-3) isn’t the shach machmir that you have to kasher all the kli if it is only a hefsed ktzas?

    1. Cina is glass and cheres, either it doesn’t need kashering or you can’t kasher it. In any case this wouldn’t make it a davar sheyesh lo matirin

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