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Reading a conservative book


I recently became fascinated and developed a strong interest in learning Midrashim and Aggadah.

I’ve head about the work of Louis Ginzberg who is the author of Legends of the Jews, which compiles hundreds of midrashim, aggadah and parables.

However he is a well known Conservative Jew and from what I read a lot of Orthodox rabbi’s dismissed his work.

A)Is it okay to read the legend of the Jews?

B)Is everything in the book true and can I rely on that they are all Torah contexts?

I appreciate the Rav’s guidance.


Being that I have never read the book, therefore I cannot tell you if the content is true or not. However, even if the raw content would be true you should not read it. When a person writes a book, even if it has a lot of torah sources Midrashim and Gemoras, however it is impossible that some of the person’s worldview will not get mixed in. Since this book was written by a person that had a warped view of the authentic of the torah, and torah shebal pe, the book is going to contain his worldview, It would be considered sifrei minim, and it should not be read. There are other fascinating books that contain thousands of midrashim in a story form. Try “Let my Nation go” and Let My Nation Wander” Feldheim Press By Yosef Deutsch – Feldheim Publishers.

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