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Bad care


Dear Rabbi,

All family eats treif. I do not. I got sent for psychiatric evaluation which family endorses. No soul refuses abomination and Torah is forbidden. This is real.

Life mocks every mention of Torah rights yet to date Hashem has kept it safe. Kiruv is slow. Not a soul from my upbringing wishes kosher rights. All are career slaves who disavow the orthodox. I have davening and few keep friendship.

Jobs are important but all of our kids are intermarrying. Inheritances are going to church communities and my family is being destroyed by many who have Torah obligations.

Is this common for a ba’al teshuvah? This is hard.

Can’t take it off their plates


You are correct things nowadays can be very challenging, especially if you are living with family members that are against what you are doing. I don’t know your situation, so I can’t advise you as far as what to do, but it might help you to get some chizuk in emunah. There is an excellent e-mail that you can get daily to help you strengthen yourself when things are difficult. Here it is

May H-shem help you and give you the strength that you need.

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