I am required by the state to take a certain online course before I can get my driving license. For some reason many of the videos which are part of the course are not loading properly, so the course shows that the video is playing, but actually I’m not watching it.If I still pass the exam at the end of the course and get the certificate of completion, is it considered as if I cheated since I didn’t actually go through the whole course?(The only reason the course is proceeding is because those videos are loading enough for it to show on the course, but not enough for me to see it)


Answer by Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a.

If you don’t have to lie there shouldn’t be an issur involved-if you know how to drive properly since there is no one you are being goneiv da’as from-it is similar to one who passes an exemption exam instead of taking the course.


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