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Saying Kel Melech neeman when davening with a quick minyan


I sometimes daven ahead when I am davening with a quick minyan. Should I say Kel Melech neeman before krias shema , or am I always “yotzi” with the shliach tzibbor saying H’ Elokaychem emes?
Thank you.


Saying Kel Melech Neeman will depend not on when you start saying shema but when you will finish saying shema. If you will finish saying shema and you will continue on before the tzibbur finishes shema and the chazan says “H-shem Elokeichem emes” then you should say Kel melech, but if you will finish together with the tzibbur, or een before hem but you will wait to continue davening for the chazal then you shouldn’t. If you will be in middle of shema when the tzibbur finishes, you should stop and listen to the chazzan saying H-shem… and then continue from there.

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