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Someone signed my name on a “credit sheet”


In my yeshiva, foods are sold in the canteen through a written list. People write their “number” (each person is given a number) whenever they buy something. Someone seems to have written my number several times, but I KNOW that I never bought ANYTHING from there. Does the canteen owner have the “right” to collect from me, since that is the “system” and halachically I am not believed? What is the status of this list? What if there is a dispute between the list and the consumer’s facts (e.g. whether he bought that amount or whether he paid, etc.)? What is the halacha in my case? Must I pay?


If you know clearly that you didn’t buy it , you don’t have to pay for it. The canteen owner has to prove that you owe him the money. other than that if the canteen owner has more of a reason to say that you have to pay you need to ask the question together.:

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