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Baby wipes on Shabbos


Hi, after searching through the site I was confused about the status of baby wipes on Shabbos. I found several different answers, and was wondering whether this is because there are different opinions on the matter [I am referring to the wipes without any hechsher on them]:
1) “It is permitted to use baby wipes, provided one uses them gently, so that one will not actually squeeze out water.” (3/3/11)
2) “If you don’t use them it is praiseworthy and commendable and if you do use them you have whom to rely upon.” (11/16/16)
3) “Therefore it is an issue of sechita on shabbos and should not be used. This is the opinion of most Poskim, and therefore wipes should not be used before asking a competent Rov.” (1/13/17)


There are differant opinons on this matter and differant Rabbonim answer, each one according to what he feels is correct.



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