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basar beChalav


Hi, I have a couple basar veChalav questions:
1. We have a metal pan/rack that we use in the meat oven and sometimes gets spills from the fleish food. If we used it in the milchig oven placing parve food on it (aluminum foil separating between food and pan) is there a problem? Can this be done lechatchila?
2. Oil from a frying pan with schnitzel splattered on the side of a hot water urn (not hot at the time) which was on the stove next to it, what is the status of the urn?
Thank you


  1. It is controversial, whether one may use an oven for milchig and fleishig, using a fleishig rack, especially is it is dirty will be a similar issue and should not be done lechatchila.  However if you cover the rack twice top and bottom with silver foil it would be alright.
  2. The urn should be kashered. In your situation since it was cold and the only heat that there was here was iruy kli rishon, therefore it would only have to be kashered at a level of iruy kli rishon. Therefore first wipe off the surface to get off any residue of the oil. Then you can kasher it either by pouring boiling water over the part of the urn that got the splashes. Or you can fill up the urn with water higher than the height of where the oil splattered, and bring the water to a boil.


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