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Listening to a song with Christian lyrics


1) May one listen to a song with Christian lyrics? The song contains strong references to Christianity (e.g. Yoshka being hanged on a cross). Is it allowed to be heard? What would be the issur?
2) Is Christianity considered avoda zara?




  1. We are not allowed to listen to songs that contain Christian Lyrics. The reasons for this are because it is possible that these songs are sung in the church and would therefore be a form of worship of avodah zara. Aside from this we may also not mention the name of an avodah zara. Another reason is because these songs pull a person to Christian ideology. The Gemorah (Chagiga15b) say that the Reason that “Acher” became an apostate was because he listened to Roman music. The Maharsha explains that the issue there wasn’t because of the prohibition to listen to music, rather because the music contained ideas of kefira.
  2. Christianity is considered avoda zara by most poskim.



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