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saying kel melech neeman later than the tzibur


If you say krias shema later than the tzibur bec. you came late and have not caught up do you say kel melech neeman or not


Regarding saying kel melech neeman when you are saying kriyas shema later than the tzibbur, if you will catch up to the tzibbur and finish shema in time to hear the chazan say “H-shem elokeichem emes” then you should not say kel melech neeman. In fact, even if you will be in middle of the three paragraphs of shema while the chazan says “H-shem…” you should stop and listen to him saying it, and don’t say kel melech neeman. If however the tzibbur has already finished saying shema, then you shold say kel melech neeman. The reason for all of this is that according to some opinions the words kel melech neeman are a hefsek, therefore we only say them when we don’t have the option to be included in what the chazan says.


Rema O:CH 61-3,  Sharei Teshuva ibid 2, Ishei Yisroel 20 ftnt 65.

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