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Single girl lighting chanukah


A lady who no longer live with her parents and goes away during Chanukah to family or friends for the night, what is her obligation for lighting the menora? Examples might include Older single who moved out, divorced, a baalas teshuva on her own or a widow going away to family or friends for shabbos chanukah


L’chatchila she should have someone light for her in the place that she lives, since that is her house. She should try to get someone to light for her there. Then she doesn’t have to light at the home that she is staying. If she can’t get someone to light for her, she should either light at the place she is staying, or acquire a part of the candles of the host, so when the host lights it will be considered as if she herself lit. She can acquire a part of the candles by either paying the host a little bit of money, or by picking the candles up and having in mind to acquire a part of them. If she is going to her parents, then there are opinions that she is considered part of their house, and she would be yotza with her father’s lighting there. There halachos would be the same for a man as for a lady.


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