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Online shopping and error


There is a company based in Israel that have an online website, and when I added 4 items to my basket, an additional discount came up which I believe to be a mistake as it says ( הנחה (שמלות 4 ב (100) and I didn’t add any dresses. I need to place the order sooner than later. I have messaged them the following but was wondering if I halachically have to even wait for a reply: Thanks!!!

I am trying to place an order, and I see it is giving me a discount of הנחה (שמלות 4 ב 100) when I choose 4 items. I am not buying 4 dresses however.
When shall I place the order?
I need the items asap!


Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman shlit”a.

If you let them know and gave them a chance to correct it-it would seem okay to order especially since they can contact you.


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